Brindle Nguni Hide 4233


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Brindle Nguni Hide 4233, proudly South African, has the following features:

Quality Grade: AA Grade Nguni

All MaritzART Nguni Hides Weigh: Between 3.5 kg and 4.5 kg (dependent on the hide’s size)

Length from Head to Tail: 210 cm

Length between Hind Legs: 201 cm

*For more about how we measure the length and width of our Nguni Hides, please visit our Nguni Hides FAQ.

Please note that the pricing of our Nguni Hides are inclusive of delivery across South Africa. Should you be based outside of South Africa, we will send you a quotation on delivery and assist you in providing you with all of the necessary exportation documentation.

For more information about our Black and White Nguni Hide 4233, please contact us.

We look forward to helping you hand-select the right Cowhide for you.

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    Another high quality, AA-Grade, truly South African Brindle Nguni Hide 4233.

    MaritzART specializes in the selling of quality Nguni Hides. The Nguni breed is the traditional breed of the Zulu nation, because it has a strong association in name and in physical attributes to its surroundings on the plains of KwaZulu-Natal and Zululand.

    This Brindle Nguni skin has an assortment of rich colours and patterns.

    All of our Nguni Hides are one of a kind and are readily available for purchase online, right here.

    So, due to the fact that the Nguni Skins used to make Nguni Hides are made from free range Nguni Cattle, they roam freely and may have small imperfections.

    We offer free delivery on all of our Brindle Nguni Hides across South Africa. So, should you want to purchase this Hide from outside of the South African borders, we provide all the exportation documentation that you need. We will also send you a quotation regarding the delivery thereof.

    Our Nguni Hides can be used to made beautiful Nguni Mats, Carpets & Throws. Should you wish to do this, speak to us today.

    Our service includes home visits, because we ant to help you picture our beautiful cowhides in your home.

    Please speak to us, because we are happy to help you select the right Cowhide for you.