Frequently Asked Questions

How is the size of a Nguni Hide measured?

The length from head to tail is measured from the widest point on the top, to the widest point at the bottom.

The length between the hind legs is measured across, from the widest point on the left, to the widest point on the right.

FAQ-How measure hide

Where do your Nguni Hides / Cow Hides come from?

All MaritzART Nguni Hides are sourced and made in South Africa.  The hides are sourced from slaughterers all over South Africa. We hand select them from tanneries throughout South Africa.  Our Hides are chrome tanned and these animals are used for meat production, while the hides are a by-product.

How do I clean my Nguni Hide / Nguni Carpet?

Our Nguni Hides are of the highest quality, making them easy to maintain. It is interesting to note that Nguni Hides do not absorb dirt, the hides hair forms a natural scotch guard.

How-to-clean-my-nguni-hide/carpet-Tip 1- Shaking it out
How-to-clean-my-nguni-hide/carpet-Tip 2- Vacuum cleaning
How-to-clean-my-nguni-hide/carpet-Tip 3- Brushing it out
How-to-clean-my-nguni-hide/carpet-Tip 4- Removing liquid stains
How-to-clean-my-nguni-hide/carpet-Tip 5- Removing greasy food stains
How-to-clean-my-nguni-hide/carpet-Tip-6- Don't do this following

Will my Nguni Hide get damaged if it gets wet?

You can always wipe your hide with a damp cloth, but the bottom part of your hide shouldn't get wet.  Therefore, never leave your hide outside in the rain.  And when you wash your tile floor, make sure the tiles are completely dry before you put the hide back in its place. Please note – do not put your Nguni Hide in the washing machine, as the leather will harden and lose it shape, while forming unwanted folds and wrinkles.

What makes a Nguni Hide such a durable carpet?

You can use your Nguni Hide in high traffic areas throughout your home, as the most durable carpet you will own.  Nguni Hides are versatile and low maintenance.  They are hypo-allergenic as dust won't have any place "to hide" in this leather carpet.  They are stain resistant and extremely easy to clean.

If I order online, how much will the delivery of my new product cost?

When placing an order over R 4 000 within the borders of South Africa, you qualify for free delivery to you doorstep. Should you be based outside of the South African borders, or your order be less than R 4 000, we will send you a quotation for delivery accordingly.